We know that for some time take away and home delivery will be the only way to stay afloat and keep your business going. But, what about when we return to “normal”?  Are you ready to be proactive and get those loyal customers to come back and attract new ones too? 

If you convey a proper message that connects you to your potential customers, the greater the chance you have to increase the number of true followers and new customers. 

Do you have Gift Cards available for purchase on your website? 

Now is the perfect time to promote Gift Card purchases. Residents in your area want to support their local businesses. Gift card purchases are a great way to get the support you need now and be remembered for future dining choices.

Give something away for the kiddos. 

I know it’s scary to give up profit for loyalty during these times, but parents are usually more inclined to make a purchase if there is something in it for their children. Remember that the goal is to be in the mindset of creating loyalty among your existing customers as well as attracting potential. 

A Thank You note goes a long way. 

Create a small yet personal Thank You note that lets customers know that you appreciate their business and support. Include the Thank You note with every takeaway and delivery order. Also, there is no harm right now in asking patrons to refer their friends to you.  

It is all about the ideas that connect better with your audience. Take a moment to understand and analyze your community. What motivates them to follow you or buy from you now and in the future? You might be surprised by the creativity within you.