5 steps to make easy videos


It’s time to be the front person. That’s right You are becoming the hero for your employees and your own family. Keeping the restaurant running involves a strong commitment and creativity to adapt to these new circumstances. Maybe it’s a good time to let your customers know about the restaurant, your cuisine, and the story behind it. Let them get closer to you.

Cameras…Lights…Action! Yes, we’re talking about creating videos and publishing them on social media. Imagine for a minute how powerful your message can be when you reach your audience with a genuine and creative story. From talking about your cuisine, your staff, and your family to sharing cooking tips, recipes, and the story behind your brand. Who knows, maybe become famous!

So, let’s get you ready with the essentials, the rest is up to you.

• If you don’t have a professional or semi-professional camera, no worries, your phone will do the trick. Depending on the type of mobile phone, you might need to adjust your camera settings to 1080p at 60 fps or above to get a better resolution. Just note that this will consume more memory.

•  Get an inexpensive lighting kit. It usually will bring 2-3 lights. If you have access to the outdoors and can use the sunlight, even better.

•  Choose the right scenario. Your restaurant dining room or kitchen or even your own house kitchen or patio can be the perfect place. If you need inspiration, visit any cooking channel on YouTube.

• Don’t film in one long continuous session. Mistakes happen. It would be best if you film each section in separate 10 to 15-second shots. 

•  To edit your video, just purchase or use a free video editing app.  IMovie (free) for MAC, Windows Movie Maker (free) for PC.

I know for some of you this is uncharted territory. But guess what, during these times, your customers are appreciating the effort. All you have to do is show them that side of you that defines the personality of your restaurant and your cuisine. The support is out there, but you need to show that you care.

— Restaurant Suite 360